With this game, I’m really just trying to make something fun that I can really put my creativity into it in terms of the fundamental, core concepts of the game. So that’s the main goal. Secondary goal is to have a big project that I can add to my portfolio and point people towards. But really I don’t care if it gets big, so long as its fun enough for me to like to play it. I really like browser-based, text-based RPGs, but I can never find one that’s super fun and keeps me at it for a long period of time. This is kind of what i want the game to be.

I’m going to try to eliminate the need for grinding. Most games’ have quest that are laid out in th structure of “Hey guy, go across the map, find 6 of these random drop items which may lead to killing 50 monsters and bring them back here so I can make the Super Duper Potion of Power!” I’m going to try to of eliminate as much of that as possible, as well as the need to grind to level. There will still be some grinders, but I want to try to cut that out. I’m thinking of creating ways to level other than fighting, and quest that are different. For example, you may get experience for haggling a shop owner (I am thinking about haggling. I’m also considering a more Skyrim set up with skills and an overall level, but he skills are most important) and you get the item for cheaper. And for quest have stuff like “Go spread negative propaganda about the King” in which you could do things like kill people and blame it on the knights or use persuasion to convince them the king is bad,etc. Just have quest that allow people to alter them to how they build their character. If someone wants to create a cunning, persuasive character, why would they have “go kill these powerful things with your all righteous hands” type quest?

Browser-Based RPG – Ideas

For my combat system, I’m going with something a bit different. Rather than hit points, the body will be split and weapons will be realistic in assessing damage. Humans will have both arms, legs, head/neck, torso and hips as ‘hittable’ body parts, for example. There will be 3 attack styles, a fast swiping attack, a lunging attack and a power attack. The swiping attack will cut and deal cut damage and inflict bleeding, which will cause damage each turn. The lunging attack does more bleeding and can break bones but is less accurate and leaves open to counters. The power attack is far less accurate and does not inflict much bleeding,but it can completely remove limbs and break bones. Each body part will be able to have armor equipped. Each body part will have hit points,and once they reach 0 they are unusable. There will also be overall hit points, but they are only lost with a loss of limb, torso attacks, head attacks and bleeding.

There will also be a 3×3 tile system in combat. Lunges can reach with a 1 space difference, but any more than that and it will have to be ranged combat. Players will also be able to attempt to escape from combat.

There will be a map where people will travel (a step-by-step system) and at each movement, there will be a random chance for encounter of an enemy, similiar to Pokemon.

Once into a city/town, the step-by-step system is gone and instead there are just links in a menu to different places in the town. Then there would be one to go back into the wilderness.

Upon death, the player loses 20% of money and one random, non-equipped item. They are then rescued by guards and are brought to the hospital of the last city they were in.

Not sure how to do “energy’ yet for how many actions a player gets. I may do a hunger/thirst system where players get hungrier/thirstier as they take actions, which will allo people to refill and get more actions, but it generally will have people stop after so many actions and wait for the next ‘day’.

My Browser-Based RPG

So, for some reason, I got the urge to make a (somewhat simple) text based RPG game. It’d work kind of like a normal text based rpg, fight/kill/adventure. A main difference would be a focus on companions. Much like Pokemon, you could tame a wild creature and make him your companion. Different creatures would have different actions, for example a dire wolf would add attack and a sparrow would bring berries to heal. Stuff like that. Id also make sprites so the whole game world would be layed out in static images but it would take the “text-based” away. Battle would also show the sprites. im just gonna write ideas and whatnot here, and once I get into actual creation ill ask for a move to project showoff I also ask people write their ideas, basically anything you’d like to see in a medieval rpg. Obviously the only features I’ve said are companions and sprites/map, but seriously just throw any idea you have out here.

How I get motivated to code

Motivation is a huge problem for everyone, and there are thousands of articles out there like this written by people much more qualified than I am. But hopefully this will reach someone and help them discover how to motivate themselves. For me, I’ll get these huge ideas and not know where to start, or know where to start but not know exactly how to write it in code. When I get moments like this, I break off the smallest part possible, make it as simple as possible, and just get to work. For example, my football game.  I know I want to build starting at the offensive and defensive lines, arguably the most important part of football. I just didn’t know where to start in terms of code. So I made a few attributes, made two players by putting attributes  into an array, creating a simple formula and simply have two players go up against each other. It’s a small start with overly simplistic formulas and player creation techniques, but it’s a start. I think the most important, and best, way to get the ball rolling on a project is to see results. Even if it is overly simple, just seeing results and a small block of code can get your brain churning and start you on the right track, to the point where you won’t have to find any more motivation, but instead, people will have to force you to stop!

My Projects

Currently, I’m working on three things, two projects and one learning tasks, as well as normal high school life. My main project is a Fish Harvesting Game, a project that stemmed from a project in my AP Biology Class and now has turned into a full research project in conjecture with the University of Georgia where I will be creating a game to simulate fish populations and the effect of over harvesting on them. Currently, you can check the game out at I am very proud of this game, as it has netted me a job this summer working as a Research Staff member at UGA to advance the game and turn it into an app. Not to mention I’m going to be building relationships that will help me get into college and further on past that. My second project is a football simulation, specifically college football. I’m starting slow with that because I want it largely planned out before I start to code, and also most of my attention is focused on my fish harvesting game. I’m also learning Java at this time, as my (current) main programming language is PHP. I’ll also be learning some more Javascript in order to utilize HTML5. If you’ve got any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to PM me on, comment or email me !