With this game, I’m really just trying to make something fun that I can really put my creativity into it in terms of the fundamental, core concepts of the game. So that’s the main goal. Secondary goal is to have a big project that I can add to my portfolio and point people towards. But really I don’t care if it gets big, so long as its fun enough for me to like to play it. I really like browser-based, text-based RPGs, but I can never find one that’s super fun and keeps me at it for a long period of time. This is kind of what i want the game to be.

I’m going to try to eliminate the need for grinding. Most games’ have quest that are laid out in th structure of “Hey guy, go across the map, find 6 of these random drop items which may lead to killing 50 monsters and bring them back here so I can make the Super Duper Potion of Power!” I’m going to try to of eliminate as much of that as possible, as well as the need to grind to level. There will still be some grinders, but I want to try to cut that out. I’m thinking of creating ways to level other than fighting, and quest that are different. For example, you may get experience for haggling a shop owner (I am thinking about haggling. I’m also considering a more Skyrim set up with skills and an overall level, but he skills are most important) and you get the item for cheaper. And for quest have stuff like “Go spread negative propaganda about the King” in which you could do things like kill people and blame it on the knights or use persuasion to convince them the king is bad,etc. Just have quest that allow people to alter them to how they build their character. If someone wants to create a cunning, persuasive character, why would they have “go kill these powerful things with your all righteous hands” type quest?

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