Browser-Based RPG – Ideas

For my combat system, I’m going with something a bit different. Rather than hit points, the body will be split and weapons will be realistic in assessing damage. Humans will have both arms, legs, head/neck, torso and hips as ‘hittable’ body parts, for example. There will be 3 attack styles, a fast swiping attack, a lunging attack and a power attack. The swiping attack will cut and deal cut damage and inflict bleeding, which will cause damage each turn. The lunging attack does more bleeding and can break bones but is less accurate and leaves open to counters. The power attack is far less accurate and does not inflict much bleeding,but it can completely remove limbs and break bones. Each body part will be able to have armor equipped. Each body part will have hit points,and once they reach 0 they are unusable. There will also be overall hit points, but they are only lost with a loss of limb, torso attacks, head attacks and bleeding.

There will also be a 3×3 tile system in combat. Lunges can reach with a 1 space difference, but any more than that and it will have to be ranged combat. Players will also be able to attempt to escape from combat.

There will be a map where people will travel (a step-by-step system) and at each movement, there will be a random chance for encounter of an enemy, similiar to Pokemon.

Once into a city/town, the step-by-step system is gone and instead there are just links in a menu to different places in the town. Then there would be one to go back into the wilderness.

Upon death, the player loses 20% of money and one random, non-equipped item. They are then rescued by guards and are brought to the hospital of the last city they were in.

Not sure how to do “energy’ yet for how many actions a player gets. I may do a hunger/thirst system where players get hungrier/thirstier as they take actions, which will allo people to refill and get more actions, but it generally will have people stop after so many actions and wait for the next ‘day’.

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