My Browser-Based RPG

So, for some reason, I got the urge to make a (somewhat simple) text based RPG game. It’d work kind of like a normal text based rpg, fight/kill/adventure. A main difference would be a focus on companions. Much like Pokemon, you could tame a wild creature and make him your companion. Different creatures would have different actions, for example a dire wolf would add attack and a sparrow would bring berries to heal. Stuff like that. Id also make sprites so the whole game world would be layed out in static images but it would take the “text-based” away. Battle would also show the sprites. im just gonna write ideas and whatnot here, and once I get into actual creation ill ask for a move to project showoff I also ask people write their ideas, basically anything you’d like to see in a medieval rpg. Obviously the only features I’ve said are companions and sprites/map, but seriously just throw any idea you have out here.

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