My Experience with a Windows 8 (launcher)

A few days ago, I got adventurous. I’m a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3, but I’ve been wanting to test out Win dows 8 on a touchscreen, as I thought it was a great mobile UI. I don’t have the money to shell out on an experiment by buying a Windows 8 device, so I harnessed the customization ability of Android and downloaded a launcher that gave my phone the Windows 8 UI. After a few days of using this, I now have a valid impression of Windows 8. First of all, I do like the ability to customize your tiles, putting apps or widgets anywhere and moving them to your liking, as well as changing the size of your tiles. However, it’s not like it eliminated any taps, as scrolling was still required and there was no advantage to the tiles over having the icon of an app. The ability to swipe to the right to see the full menu of apps was nice, but was that different than a tap to expand a menu? So far, it just seemed that there was a cosmetic change (I won’t judge, that’s up to you.) and the substitution of horizontal swipes for Android to vertical swipes on Windows 8. I was not able to download native Windows apps, or desktop programs like on some Windows 8 devices, and that would be a huge difference in my eyes (A slightly more limited, but growing, App Store, but the infinite ability to download desktop apps). The biggest deterrent, though, was the lack of access from the lock screen. Currently I can open notifications, apps, Etc. from my lock screen, but with windows 8, I had to unlock and then go to wherever it is I wanted.   Overall, Windows 8 is very similar to Android. It lays out what you want, gives you customization options, and has the ability to hide all of your apps. It lacks the functionality of Android, and is certainly not a quicker, more efficient way to use your phone. I’d still give Android the nod, which is a huge disappointment because I may have been the most excited for Windows 8 as a mobile UI, and I was really hoping it’d work. Maybe desktop programs would sway me and make me want to take the extra clicks and lack of efficiency seen with Android, but I doubt it.   *Note this was done with a launcher, and not full windows 8, so take that into consideration.

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