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My Projects

Currently, I’m working on three things, two projects and one learning tasks, as well as normal high school life. My main project is a Fish Harvesting Game, a project that stemmed from a project in my AP Biology Class and now has turned into a full research project in conjecture with the University of Georgia where I will be creating a game to simulate fish populations and the effect of over harvesting on them. Currently, you can check the game out at fishharvestinggame.comli.com. I am very proud of this game, as it has netted me a job this summer working as a Research Staff member at UGA to advance the game and turn it into an app. Not to mention I’m going to be building relationships that will help me get into college and further on past that. My second project is a football simulation, specifically college football. I’m starting slow with that because I want it largely planned out before I start to code, and also most of my attention is focused on my fish harvesting game. I’m also learning Java at this time, as my (current) main programming language is PHP. I’ll also be learning some more Javascript in order to utilize HTML5. If you’ve got any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to PM me on Indie-Resource.com, comment or email me !