Back into development

So I have been having an itch to get back into some game development. It has been too long. I have been toying with a ton of libraries, code, frameworks, ect but haven’t really sat back down and started on a game. Yesterday I was poking around ImpactJs forums and found some WebGL code for 3d. Thought I would give it a whirl and ends up it is a lot of fun. So much that when I got it all working I told myself this is it! Time to build something from it. But What?

I remember one of the first PC games I ever played was Eye of the Beholder. Very fun and addicting game that did a great job of bringing D&D to the computer.


Ever since I first played it I have wanted to recreate the game. Problem was it is art heavy and the code and the way the pics lined up was always a pain.  Well now with this WebGL code I can use javascript, ajax, and MongoDB to build it! I basically gutted the existing code and built in a push button movement and grid system. I also built some enemy classes and BOOM! got a start on a recreation of an old classic!



You can check it out here

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